Thursday, October 23, 2008

Of Planks and Eyes



From the Telegraph via IraqPundit

Both presidential rivals are working behind the scenes to calm the increasingly incendiary atmosphere on the campaign trail, which erupted with lurid claims about Mr Obama's links with the former terrorist Bill Ayres and a lynch mob atmosphere at McCain rallies.

Two Democratic sources with knowledge of the thinking in the Obama camp say that forming a partnership with Mr McCain would prove that Mr Obama will reach across the aisle and also help rehabilitate Mr McCain, who many Democrats believe has been pushed by hardline advisers into making increasingly desperate attacks on his rival.

Wow, sounds serious. A lynch mob atmosphere? I feel afraid. Someone else must have also been afraid...after all, no follower of Hope and Change would have done this without provocation. Wait, wait, why does that story not sound surprising? Ok, granted, you cannot let one monster be representative of all Obama supporters, but the point is that the current media narrative of "angry Republicans" is a gargantuan double standard in light of this attack.

Interesting tidbit at the end of the article. Seems if McCain would play nice, Obama is willing to reward his honorable service with...
[A] Democratic strategist who talks regularly with Mr Obama's senior advisors added: "Obama has said all along that he will work with the best people, regardless of party affiliation. John McCain has experience and he used to have a record of bipartisanship. We're all going to need to pull together when this is over."

Mr McCain will not be offered a cabinet job, but Mr Obama may ask him to spearhead a bipartisan overhaul of veteran's affairs, an issue close to Mr McCain's heart.

Well, isn't that a great show of The One's infinite mercy and grace? Such compassion! Wait, if McCain is an erratic old man, why would they stick him in Veteran's Affairs? I thought he was on the verge of psychosis?

12 days to go.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Higher Learning Isn't What It Used To Be...

No sirree bobcat. (via Moe Lane)

I'd post the vid, 'cept I'm too disgusted by it. Arrogant college kids treating their parents like they are toddlers who need directions to the bathroom is hardly a way to earn votes for your candidate, much less respect for yourself. I get the vague feeling that someone at has some lingering resentment at not being allowed to go the protest the Vietnam War as a tween. Just a feeling though.

...Although, if this is the new standard of ads the Left is implementing to get votes, I'm all for it. Two of the actors are from Gossip Girl. Yep, you can't beat people who portray hormonal, sex-crazy teens when choosing who you want as the sirens for the other side.

Last Note: If "coolness" is the new way of picking the leader of the free world, then I might consider moving to Canada. At least they can pick them right.

Jesse Jackson steps into middle of street, apparently waiting for a bus.

Well, I can't seem to find it in me to be surprised by this.

As the lone working democracy in the Middle East, Israel deserves our full support. What the dear Reverend doesn't seem to realize is that the only other interests in the region are the destruction of the Jewish state. The irony here is that someone with a title like his should understand that just from a cursory reading of the Bible or even a glance at history.

Paging Obamabus, this is not the Jackson you used to know.

As It Stands

During the Democratic primary, Republicans such as myself advocated that we crossover and vote for Hillary in the hopes that a protracted campaign would help shatter Obama's halo bestowed to him by a sympathetic media. It did what we wanted it to, it brought up names such Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers. But has it backfired? As we enter into the home stretch of the general election, have we doomed ourselves by inoculating people against the charges that we fling against Obama now? His connections to the now infamous ACORN may be our last bullet to stop the juggernaut, but there is no guarantee that it will work.

Call me pessimistic...but I do not think we have a good chance come November. I remember the run-up to the Bush-Kerry election. I remember that although Kerry had a lot going for him, it was clear to many that it would be a close race in the end. Not so here. It's very much a cliche now, but change is in the wind. We are no longer in the middle of a visible war and instead in the middle of an economic crisis that has been wrongly blamed on the Republicans.

Have I given up hope? No, but there is not much to hope in right now. For now, I just fight the good fight. I encourage other Republicans to do the same.