Friday, March 28, 2008


I'm writing a piece on ANWR, I'll update this sometime with excerpts.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Three More And It Would've Been Perfect.

From ScotusBlog:

The Supreme Court, in a sweeping rejection of claims of power in the
presidency, ruled 6-3 on Tuesday that the President does not have the
authority to order states to relax their criminal procedures to obey a
ruling of the World Court. The decision came in the case of Medellin v. Texas
(06-984). Neither a World Court decision requiring U.S. states to
provide new review of criminal cases involving foreign nationals, nor a
memo by President Bush seeking to enforce the World Court ruling,
preempts state law restrictions on challenges to convictions, the Court
said in a ruling written by Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.
It's always nice to see an International Organization get it's butt kicked by us Americans.

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I Take It Sargent York Wouldn't Be Welcome Here...

From the StarTribune:

"A national tour featuring decorated veterans
from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan won't be stopping at Forest Lake
Area High School today as planned, after school leaders abruptly
canceled the visit.

Steve Massey, the school principal, said the
decision to cancel was prompted by concerns that the event was becoming
political rather than educational and therefore was not suitable for a
public school.

He said the school had received several phone
calls from parents and others, some of whom indicated that they may
stage a protest if the event took place.

"The event was structured to be an academic
classroom discussion around military service. We thought we'd provide
an opportunity for kids to learn about service in the context of our
history classes," Massey said. "As the day progressed, it became clear
that this was becoming a political event ... which would be
inappropriate in a public setting."

...Sooooo...I was under the impression that the Left was pro-troops at least? Where's Cindy Sheehan? Shouldn't she be outraged? Oh wait, she's out trying to topple Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Never mind.

...If you want my thoughts on it, I think it's an ABSOLUTE OUTRAGE. They go and they fight, maybe not even agreeing with why they are being sent out, but they go, fight, and even die for us nevertheless. They come back trying to tell their stories and they get thrown under the bus because speaking about the military in the positive sense is "too political." Despicable.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Test test, I've just downloaded ScribeFire for Firefox. This be a test.

I'll delete this tomorrow.